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PAUSA Art House


19 Wadsworth Street
Buffalo, NY 14201


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Jan20Sat Walter Kemp 3oh! W/ Vladimir Espinosa 8:00 pm

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Logo of PAUSA Art House ”…an intimate space for sonic adventures…” (The Buffalo News)

Artvoice Editors' Choice: Coolest New Concert Space in Buffalo
”UB cutting-edge trumpet guy Jon Nelson and his wife Lazara opened Pausa Art House (19 Wadsworth Street) in March, in a small, completely renovated former storefront at the foot of Allen Street. The small venue offers an intimately ideal way to hear music, Thursday through Saturday nights, in widely diverse styles, ranging from avant-garde classical, through contemporary jazz to the ultra-cool sound paintings of the resAUnance trio, featuring the vocal wizardry of Istanbul-born singer Esin Gunduz.” — Jan Jezioro

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